Accelerate by NGCOA


  • Have you accessed the Accelerate page yet?
  • Are you receiving the daily digests that keep you in the loop with what is taking place in our golf industry?
  • Do you know about helpful webinars that are available to you as a benefit of your membership?


If you answered "No" to any of these questions then you and your staff are missing out on one of the most valuable portions of your NGCOA/NEGCOA membership.   READ ON AND THEN LOG ON.  Need help then contact Elaine Gebhardt or Sherea Malcolm and we will get you going.


Accelerate opened to all in April 2015.


NGCOA Announces New Member-Sharing Portal as Part of Strategic Plan

The NGCOA Board recently adopted a new three-year strategic plan with the primary objective being to increase the value provided to members – especially those at independently owned and operated facilities. One element of this plan centers around developing more pragmatic content and educational resources for members and their staff.

One related benefit is NGCOA Accelerate, a new member portal designed to facilitate dialogue and information-sharing among members.


Listserv, which many members used, is GONE - like the dinosaurs.  All communications have been moved to the Accelerate platform.  It will build on Listserv's popularity and functionality. Accelerate is a place where members can pose questions, get answers, share experiences and ideas. It's also where documents, photos, videos, forms and much more can be uploaded and shared.


Think of it as LinkedIn for the golf business.  If you are on LinkedIn - import your LinkedIn profile to your Accelerate profile with just a couple of key clicks.  This action is so easy to do and helps other members put a face with a name.


A library of information and resources that the NGCOA curates as part of its larger content and education strategy, and from which members can search, is also in the plan. Over time communities will be formed that will focus conversations around topics of the greatest interest to members.


Accelerate is new to all of us.   We will share tips on how to get the most out of it as we learn more.  Be sure to share your thoughts about it as we go along-- the feedback will help us to improve it.  Stay connected and stay in the loop!


Click here to visit the Accelerate Page.  
Keep in mind you must be a NGCOA/NEGCOA member to take advantage of most of the features.