FlingGolf & Boston Cannons Partnership



FlingGolf has news of an exciting new partnership to share with our New England golf courses.  They have joined forces with the Boston Cannons - the area's only professional Lacrosse team.  FlingGolf will be at every Cannon's home game promoting FlingGolf at the Fan Zone with the 5000+ fans who attend. 

These fans who are exposed to FlingGolf at the Cannon games will be looking for places to play.  If you are FlingGolf friendly facility be sure to register on the FlingGolf site to list your course.  Listing your club is free.  All you have to do is click on the link to go their webiste, then click on the Fling link and send the email request.  



A FlingGolf Bomb - 240 yards! from FlingGolf on Vimeo.

The NEGCOA is also a proud partner with FlingGolf.  This partnership allows our member clubs to receive additional cost savings, not available to others,  when purchasing a 4 FlingStick Package

If you haven't heard, FlingGolf is gaining attention nationwide and can be played right alongside the traditional game of golf. Here are some statistics:

*Sales began:  September 2014
*Currently in 45 states
*Currently in 5 Canadian provinces
*Currently in Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, and a number of European countries

This offer is a great way to bring a supply of FlingSticks into your facility to increase exposure and generate some FlingStick sales.  If you have already purchased a FlingStick package, then consider taking advantage of these savings to bring in additional sticks to sell in your shop.

Use the special link below to take you to the FlingGolf site and be sure to use the NEGCOA member only code at checkout. 
Let your NEGCOA membership work for you by saving you money!    

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NEGCOA Members Only Package

Click on the picture or link below to get started.

NEGCOA member clubs received an email with a discount code.  If you are an NEGCOA club and need the code sent to you again, please contact Elaine Gebhardt at [email protected]

*Simply add the 4-pack (FlingStick Foursome) to your cart and apply discount code at checkout.

As a NEGCOA Member you save $277.00 off regular price and $161.00 off the regular GCOwner price.