Quechee Course of the Year!




award acceptance 2023

The New England Golf Course Owners Association (NEGCOA) is pleased to announce the Quechee Club, in Quechee, VT, has been named the 2023 Chapter Course of the Year.  The NEGCOA honors a member course that meets four criteria: Exceptional Quality of the Course, Exceptional Quality of Ownership and Management, Outstanding Contribution to the Local Community, and Significant Contributions to the Game.  


Located in central Vermont, Quechee Club offers two championship golf courses (Lakeland and Highland) offering two different experiences.  The Highland course traversing along the mountainside offers elevation challenges while the Lakeland course offers a flatter setting but with water features on 17 holes!  The facility also offers year-round sporting activities with indoor and outdoor pools, racquet facilities, mountain biking and trails, and even downhill skiing.

Elaine Gebhardt, Executive Director of the NEGCOA, had this to say about the award.

"The NEGCOA is thrilled to have Quechee Club as our 2023 course of the year.  This is the first Vermont member club to be selected for this honor.  And it is the second club, under the direction of Brian Kelley to be named as our Course of the Year.  We hope that this recognition for the stellar golf opportunities in the state of Vermont will spark more Vermont clubs to get involved with the chapter and to throw their hat in the ring for Course of the Year."

Significant improvements to the facility were noted in Quechee's application.  A recent $3M irrigation renovation should guarantee top course conditions going forward.  And more recently a plan was approved to begin a major overhaul of the facility.  Phase 1 begins soon with enhancements to the racquet sports, expansion of their Recreation Camp Barn, and construction of 3 new buildings for golf carts, a multi-use ski/golf building, and a dormitory for housing seasonal employees.   Affordable housing has become a significant barrier in finding staffing for many golf operations in resort areas.  The Quechee Club is minimizing this barrier with their efforts to provide on-site housing.

The Quechee Club has earned accolades from a number of well recognized groups including Distinguished Club from Boardroom Magazine, Top 200 Residential Golf Courses in the US, Golf Week, Best Golf Courses in Vermont, Golf Digest, to name a few.

Growth of the game continues to be a main focus of the golf industry.  Junior golf at Quechee Club has seen significant growth rising from 350 junior golfers in 2016 to over 1000 in 2022!

The Quechee Club was recognized for its accomplishments at the Annual Chapter Meeting held December 6 at Brookmeadow Country Club in Canton, MA.   Brian Kelley, General Manager and COO, was on hand to accept the award from Board member, Dave Frem.

Incoming NEGCOA president, Dave Frem had this to say about our winner, "The Quechee Club deservedly won the NEGCOA's Course of the Year Award.  The overall quality of its golf and club experience is exceptional, and it is a fantastic partner in the community, both in fostering a welcoming environment for all and in support of local charitable endeavors.  Yet, it doesn't rest on its laurels.  With a priority on planning for the future and creating grow-the-game initiatives for youths and adults, it is well-positioned to be a successful club for many years to come."

"We are so proud and honored to receive this award.  Our story has been sheltered for so many years and we appreciate you giving us the opportunity to share it," Brian Kelley.

The course will now move forward in the selection process for the National Course of the Year (to be presented at the NGCOA Golf Business Conference in Orlando, in January).  For more information about the Quechee Club visit www.quecheeclub.com.