NGCOA & AFGL Partnership


As you know, FootGolf has gained widespread traction as one of the most popular alternative play options for golf courses among players and course owners. FootGolf is a proven revenue generator for golf course operators and they are seeing more millennials, women, children and young families after introducing the sport.

The NGCOA has recognized the American FootGolf League (AFGL) as the "Governing Body for the Sport of FootGolf in the U.S." and its "Official FootGolf Organization."

What this means to you:
As the "Official FootGolf Organization," AFGL will provide all NGCOA members with special benefits and discounts.

Basic Equipment Pricing:



NGCOA Member Price
$2862.33 +shipping

Save over $300 by being an NGCOA Member

Includes first year certification, mapping, handicap software, cups with lids, and flags

NGCOA Member Price
$1347.06 + shipping

Save nearly $150 by being an NGCOA Member

Includes first year accreditation, cups with lids, and flags

Along with the discounted equipment, NGCOA members will receive Marketing Best Practices. AFGL wants to help you market FootGolf. The Marketing Best Practices is based on what has been learned from over 350 courses. The document details what a you need to do to succeed. We're talking templates for social media, blog ideas - you name it!

To get involved:
For courses to get involved, they can learn more at: or visit or call 760-501-0100, ext 104 or email